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Where Store Recognition Begins...

Buygaloo - Uniting Local Businesses & Shoppers in the Same Area for Effortless Trade of Goods and Services.

Experience the convenience of finding, buying, and selling everything you need, all in one centralized place!


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Buygaloo & Business

 On Buygaloo, you'll instantly connect with local shoppers on the move in your vicinity. These eager shoppers are actively seeking the Latest Arrivals, Sales, Specials, and Deals. It's the simplest and most potent approach to boost local recognition and attract fresh customers to your store.

It's Quick, Free, and Effortless for Shoppers. Gain Attention with Ease. Post your Sales, Specials, New Releases, and Deals on Buygaloo for Free. Attract on-the-go Shoppers to Your Store and Skyrocket Turnover Today!

  • Register your Store/s

  • Setup your Profile

  • Upload your content

  • Post for Free

Empowering Your Business with Buygaloo: Your Gateway to Visibility!
Buygaloo Store Setup - 2 Options

The Buygaloo App Download

  • Quick registration and store setup.

  • Instant online visibility

  • Our technology makes it easy to upload Ad/Sale content.

  • Once you upload your products and services, they're visible to shoppers for 72 hours.

  • Sale Post Cost:  FREE - Yes it's Free!


The Buygaloo Business Portal via your desktop/laptop

  • Suitable for all types stores including, small independent stores, franchise stores, multi store owners, flea markets and shopping malls.

  • Sellers can post as many ads they like, within that calendar month.

  • Plan monthly sale posts in advance.

  • Sale Post Cost:  FREE - Yes it's Free!

  • Get Started today - What are you waiting for?

What are the costs?

Buygaloo Business Portal - Desktop


  • FREE Sale Posts

  • You select your start and end dates within the current month.


Via the Buygaloo App


  •  FREE Sale Posts

  • Visible for 72hrs (3 days)

Please Note:

To view your Store and Sales you need to download the Buygaloo App and select "Shopper" and there you are for all to see.


Getting your Business noticed, made easy & it's Free!


T's & C's Apply

How do I register my Business Store?

Buygaloo App Store


You have a choice to either download the Buygaloo App from the Android Play Store or on iOS App Store, where you choose the Business option. This allows you to set up your "Store" with your store information, logo etc. Once you are all set up, tap on "Profile select "My Sales" tap + button and upload your sales content and post for FREE.


Buygaloo Business Portal - Desktop


Select the Business Portal button and register your business by selecting "Business Type" eg: independent store/multiple stores /malls/flea markets. It's a quick process whereby you will set up your Store/s profile, with all your information, logo etc., once submitted, your Business Profile is created.

You are now ready to plan and post your sales in a few easy steps.

It's that simple & it's Free!

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