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Buygaloo is an online solution for physical stores that shows Buygaloo Sale Seekers deals, discounts and promotions in their geographic area.


Buygaloo is GeoFenced Advertising, especially developed for businesses with a physical location

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"My local customers are my bread & butter and letting them know when I was running a special at my restaurant was never this easy before Buygaloo!"

Katy, Chef, Business Owner

@Katy's Bakery 

Who is a Sale Owner?

is Buygaloo right for my business?

A Buygaloo Sale Owner needs an effective online advertising platform. Social media advertising has not increased foot traffic into the store and more over online competitors have an edge with fast delivery and cheap prices. 

That's why businesses choose Buygaloo. Buygaloo ensures that the deals, discounts, promotions and special offerings arrive in front of people who will go out and take advantage of them. 

Buygaloo uses a geofenced algorithm to make sure that users see content that is relevant to their geographic location. This means that the Buygaloo Sale Owner has confidence that the people who see their adverts are potential customers and are in the right area!

A Buygaloo Sale Owner is a physical location, be that a shopping centre, kiosk, stand at an expo centre... 

If you sell products from a location that can pin pointed on a map, you should consider becoming a Buygaloo Sale Owner. 

"I got on Buygaloo during the Beta Test of their application - my business was new and I was open to anything. Seeing how people actually came into my store to find the coffee they saw on Buygaloo, I knew this wasn't just an app, but a partner for my business."

James Elroy, Barista, Business Owner

@ MorningFresh


Buygaloo is an advertising app that was developed to fit the specific needs of brick & mortar businesses.


Digital advertising and online shopping have disrupted the way the physical stores compete and reach their customers. 

Buygaloo is exclusively for brick & mortar stores and gives them the chance to have a digital presence that truly competes with their online competitors. 



Buygaloo analyses the data from local users and lets stores know about meaningful market insights. Buygaloo can help brick & mortar stores make an informed decision about when to post a sale, when to discount certain product and what the interests of people in the given community are. 

Buygaloo is not an invasive data mining tool. Buygaloo does not actually mine the data of individuals, but rather clusters of users based on an area. That means the data is about an area, not a person, and that the data is anonymous and beneficial to all. Local shops can now know what local people want without needing to ask any specific person. This is a revolutionary practice that provides better results and a safe, privacy protected environment for all!

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