Why post Sales

on Buygaloo?

Buygaloo is the ultimate tool to reach the customers who really matter, customers who live and shop in your area... and it's so quick and easy
to use - just log in, post your sale in 5 easy steps and you're instantly reaching hundreds of local customers ready to shop. 


Sale Seekers use Buygaloo to search for deals and promotions happening around them. This "hyperlocal" form of reaching customers ensures that Sale Owners are speaking directly to their target audience. 


Unlike adverts posted on the usual social media platforms, Buygaloo posts reach people who are looking to spend money when they open the app. Buygaloo helps shoppers find the best prices for the products they want, from Household & Grocery items to Luxury Goods, Fashion, Entertainment & Movies. 

People love to shop in the real world but high prices and the fear of paying more than they have to will often stop customers from making
a purchase. Buygaloo allows shoppers to buy with confidence, knowing that they are purchasing their product at the best possible price.

Posting on Buygaloo
is easy.

A sale/promotion needs:


1) Impactful Title

2) Start and end date of the promotion

3) Short catchy description 

4) Company Logo

5) Pictures/ artwork

Watch the video below to see how simple it is!

How to post a Sale 

on Buygaloo.

Start posting Sales!




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