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Buygaloo is a location-based advertising tool, for both Business and Shoppers.  It connects businesses, advertising new releases, deals or specials with local customers nearby eager to take advantage of these new offerings and sale benefits, a win, win situation for both business and serious shoppers.

Benefits for Business;

  • Creating a Free Online Store Profile

  • Advertising their sales 

  • Instant exposure

  • Building brand awareness

  • Creating local interest

  • Making sales

  • Boosting turnover

  • Taking business to a new level

As a Shopper who loves to save money, this FREE App is the New Way to discover New Releases and Sales at Local Businesses nearby, in the palm of their hand.  Buygaloo informs the shopper instantly of the latest releases, deals, sales and specials around them.

Download Buygaloo for  FREE  


Register your Business to get started today!

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Buygaloo Business Portal
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