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Buygaloo Shoppers

Do you get excited when you see signs like 


You're in the right place 

Every single day, right within our South African towns and cities, a local individual is hosting a sale or unveiling something fresh.

How many sales are taking place right at your doorstep?

Discover effortlessly by using the palm of your hand. No matter your location, a local sale awaits on Buygaloo.

Empowering local businesses fuels their creativity, driving them to reinvent their offerings to retain your patronage. So, don't hesitate—support local stores; strong communities thrive when small businesses thrive!


Stay informed with Buygaloo, saving time, money, and aiding small businesses to thrive!

How does Buygaloo work?

Download the App for FREE from the iOS App Store or Android Play Store.

With a quick and easy registration you will be ready to discover exciting local sales around you.


Buygaloo will detect your location and hunt out Hot Sales or New Releases at Local Stores nearby


 "It's as simple as this: Open the app, let the map detect your location, and instantly view all the nearby store sales. Searching for something particular? Just type it into the search function, and Buygaloo will track down sales on shoes, jackets, school supplies, washing machines, didgeridoos – whatever you need."

Super Savings – right in the palm of your hand!

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What will it cost?

Nothing! It's FREE

  • No Hidden costs

  • No Charges

  • No In-App purchases.

Now that's Cool!

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